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Strolling Entertainment & Attractions

The Procrastinators Recycle Band

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Three outrageous drummers turn five-gallon water bottles, barstools and pots & pans into legitimate musical instruments while jumping, sliding, twisting and stomping their way through seven minutes of fast and furious rhythmic fun.

Performed by qualified, classically trained professional musicians, this innovative and refreshing act is equally at home before an audience of families, at fairs and festivals, at a shopping mall or as the opening act at a corporate event.

The group was recently featured in a documentary aired on a cable television news magazine program. The documentary recently won two press awards.

South Florida Fair Marching Band

The band is run by Aron Friedman, a music teacher at Palm Springs Middle School. He still plays the horn in the band, making him the rare band director who plays in the ranks of his own marching band.

“I just love to play,” Friedman told me. “I went to the University of Kentucky and was one of those kids who loved the marching band.” Friedman explained that the South Florida Fair band is a real community ensemble. Some of the marchers are middle school students who are just learning their instruments, while others are retirees in their 70s who have been playing, or not playing, for decades.

About half the band is made up of teenagers, and the rest are adults reliving a version of their high school or college experiences.

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Recycle Cycle

When the Recycle Cycle stops to perform the environment lights up with action, sound and excitement. Kids and adults alike will be encouraged to participate in any number of the on-board ecological activities. These games are broken up long enough for the Goofball Garbage Man to perform a show of juggling, balancing and stunts all using recovered trash and recycled humor.

The Recycle Cycle is created entirely of reclaimed or recycled parts put to the task of educating and entertaining. It is a rolling lesson in the value of the environment and its resources delivered with fun and function. Watch the eyes light up and smiles broaden as this oddball auto cuts a colorful path through any fair or festival.

He makes saving the planet a lot more fun!

Priscilla the Dinosaur

Priscilla is a walking, roaring Dinosaur perfect for photo ops and fantastic experiences. She is the size of a 13 year old T-Rex. She comes with a professional Dino-Wrangler who shares information about the T-Rex in the fashion of a tour guide.

Priscilla and Her Handler are completely "Covid Compliant."
You can stand right next to Priscilla to get photos.

Oscar The Robot

Come to the fair and chat with Oscar and enjoy all the fair has to offer. Rides, Food, Games, Free Entertainment, Livestock Shows and more!

Reginald Ellison & His Sax

Reginald was born in 1985 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the age of ten he underwent classical training to learn the saxophone and after 8 years of study, went on to continue music studies at both the University of Central Florida and Palm Beach Atlantic University where his concentration was music performance.

He decided to take my classical saxophone skills and apply them towards different genres, and as a result he is now a saxophonist who is versatile not just in genre, but also atmosphere. He performs locally throughout the state of Florida, and travel both domestically as well as internationally.

The performances Reginald delivers are aimed at producing an experience that his audience has yet to encounter, leaving them delighted, entertained and wanting more.

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