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Virtual Activities


Yesteryear Village is one of Palm Beach County’s most unique cultural attractions: A living history park where interpreters share their stories about life prior to 1940. Below you can find fun, interactive activities including coloring pages and a virtual school tour.

School Tours

Yesteryear Village School Tour

Teachers and parents, staying in doesn't have to mean losing access to history! Yesteryear Village is a history park nestled on 9 acres in West Palm Beach, FL showcasing buildings and artifacts from 1895 to 1945. This virtual tour helps guide you through a History lesson and experience!

Tours offer an understanding of life in an earlier time in Florida through the collections, exhibits and structures found in Yesteryear Village. This virtual experience will introduce you to a vocabulary that is relative and through lesson plans, a better understanding of how life has changed can be achieved.


Materials for a seed necklace

Materials Needed:

• Cotton Balls
• 2 x 3 ziplock bag with a hole punched in the top of the bag
• Yarn pieces cut to 24” minimum
• Spray bottle of water
• Seeds (Radishes grow quickly)


1. Place cotton ball in ziplock bag
2. Spray lightly with water (cotton should not be soaked) Moisture
3. Place 1-2 seeds in the bag so it touches the cotton Soil
4. Punch a hole in the bag below the zip closure Air
5. Lace the yarn through the hole in the bag, tie it to make a necklace
6. Put the bag inside your shirt next to your body Heat

Seed germination is a basic growing skill that involves causing a seed to sprout. Germinating a seed is very easy to do. This activity will teach you about germination.

A few conditions must be present in order to properly germinate a seed. You will need proper Temperature (Body heat), Moisture (Spray bottle of water), Oxygen (air), and Darkness (inside your shirt). There are many different methods for germinating seeds, some prefer certain methods over others, but so long as you provide the basic requirements you should succeed. Initially, the seed absorbs water by wicking moisture through the seed coat into the seed itself. Moisture essentially brings the seed back to life. Once enough moisture has been absorbed by the seed, the exterior of the seed cracks open. At this point, the radicle emerges from the seed and forms into the root.


Coloring Pages

Virtual Tours:

Virtual Tours- Episode 1: The Riddle House

Virtual Tours- Episode 3: General Store

Virtual Tours- Episode 5: Cracker Cow Camp

Virtual Tours: Episode 7 - Children Playing

Virtual Tours- Episode 9- Sewing Circle

Virtual Tours- Episode 11: Corbett Shack

Virtual Tours: Episode 13 - Red Level Church

Virtual Tours: Episode 15 - L Street House

Virtual Tours: Episode 17- Bait & Tackle

Virtual Tours: Episode 19- Corbett Shack

Virtual Tours- Episode 2: Clogging

Virtual Tours- Episode 4: The Southern Bell

Virtual Tours- Episode 6: Post Office

Virtual Tours: Episode 8- Blacksmith Shop

Virtual Tours- Episode 10: Butterfly Garden

Virtual Tours: Episode 12 - Bink Glisson Museum

Virtual Tours: Episode 14 - Sellers' Farm

Virtual Tours- Episode 16: Bridge Tender's House

Virtual Tours: Episode 18- Loxahatchee Schoolhouse

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