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Media Credentials

Media Credential Application for events hosted by the South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc.

Before you apply, please review the following media terms and conditions in its entirety. If you meet the minimum requirements, complete this application and submit. We will email you once we receive your application request to confirm that it was sent successfully.

This is an application only and upon review, we will notify you of your status. For more information about upcoming events, visit Please note that this application only applies to events actually organized and hosted by the South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc. (Fair), and not its lessees. If you are not sure which events the Fair hosts, you may call the Fair’s office at (561) 793-0333 for clarification before applying.

Application deadline: Must be received five days in advance of requested coverage day

Please review the following media criteria:

  • Media Passes are not for personal use. Passes are to be used only by members of the working media and must have verifiable identification. We do not issue credentials to spouses, significant others or guests of the working media. Organizations abusing this policy will be removed from future media credential lists. No children are allowed to use these passes.
  • Print media includes local, regional and national newspapers and magazines. Newsletters are not included.
  • Radio includes AM, FM and satellite radio stations. TV includes networks and their affiliates and cable TV stations.
  • Online publications/websites and bloggers/social media influencers must meet all of the following minimum requirements:
    • Active for the past 12 months
    • Original content updated on a regular basis
    • At least one verifiable social media account with more than 15,000 followers. Accounts include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Tumblr. Social media/influencer requests for media passes will only be considered for use during the first 10 days of the fair.
  • • High school applications must be submitted by the faculty advisor and college applications must be submitted by the editor.

    • For events with concerts, all interviews, photography and videography must be approved through the artist’s management and the Fair. Coverage must be for news coverage purposes only; not for commercial purposes.

    • For those media outlets approved to receive media credentials, you agree to email us a link to your coverage if it appears online. If the story appears in print, please provide us with the date in which the coverage appears so that we may obtain a copy. Mailed copies are appreciated.

    Please double check your application before submitting. Once you have submitted your application request, you will receive an email confirming it was sent successfully. Please note this is an application only. We will notify you of your status upon review of your application.

    Media Credentials Application

    Your Information

    If blogger/social media influencer
    Who does your publication target?

    Organization Information


    Additional Information

    Please note that space is limited, therefore not all team members are guaranteed Media Credentials

    Have you applied to cover any of our events before?

    Have you been previously denied Media Credentials?

    Did you cover the 2023 South Florida Fair?

    By checking this checkbox and submitting this form I agree that I have read, understood and accepted the South Florida Fair's Media Terms & Conditions.
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