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Media Passes Terms

South Florida Fair Media Passes are not for personal use. Passes are to be used only by members of the working media. Organizations who abuse this policy will be removed from future credential lists. No children are allowed to use these passes. Gate 2 is the designated gate for Media to enter the grounds.
Media Parking
Parking in the Media Lot is restricted to official “South Florida Fair Media Parking Hanger” holders only. Parking attendants will not accept a Press ID as a parking permit. Each news organization will receive at least one parking pass. Staff members are expected to share parking privileges, as parking spaces are limited.
Freelance Reporters and Photographers
Freelance reporters and photographers will not be issued press passes unless they submit proof of employment/contract with a news organization. Please have your editor send an email stating that he/she has assigned you to write or photograph this year’s South Florida Fair. To expedite the process, the letter must be received by January 9. The letter must be on original media organization letterhead and include a phone number of proper contact at the news organization if further information and clarification is needed. Freelance reporters and photographers must re-submit this information each year. If we have issued you a credential in the past and you cannot show proof of news coverage, we will not continue to credential you.
Journalism Classes
Media passes are not available to high school and college journalism or photography classes. Passes are given to college newspaper staffs and are available to high school newspapers staffs on a case-by-case basis. An application must be submitted by the high school newspaper faculty advisor to be considered.
Concert Coverage
All interviews, photography and videography must be approved through the artist's management and the South Florida Fair. Coverage should be for news coverage, not for commercial purposes. Please contact Doreen Poreba at 772-221-2425.
Thank you for your cooperation.
We look forward to seeing you January 15 - 31, 2016.
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