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Apply For A Scholarship

2015 South Florida Fair Scholarship recipients, sponsored by FPL

2015 South Florida Fair Scholarship recipients, sponsored by FPL 


Support the education of our future generations!
The South Florida Fair is proud to award $36,000 in Scholarships
annually to worthy students who have exhibited a desire to further their education.

Our purpose is to encourage young people, who might not otherwise have an opportunity, to pursue a college education.

Download the 2016 Scholarship Application Packet HERE


Scholarship Form is available as fillable PDF. This is similar to other PDF files, but it can be completed on the screen before printing or submitting them to the South Florida Fair.

Software Requirements: To complete this form on the screen, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or above is recommended. Acrobat Reader (version 8.1.2 or newer) will also allow you to save your work,but older versions of Reader will not let you save your partial, or completed form. The latest version of Reader (FREE) may be downloaded here:

• Download the PDF directly to your computer or to disk, for (1) PC - right-click on the link, then select save link as or save target as from the dropdown options, or (2) Mac - control-click on the link, then save download linked file as or save link as from the dropdown options. Make note of where the file is being saved so you can locate it later.

• Avoid Completing Forms Online within your Browser.

Please Note: Although you can fill in a form while it is displayed within your browser, we strongly recommend that you not do so.

• Use Acrobat 7.0 (Standard or Professional) or newer to open the file. Acrobat Reader 8.1.2 or newer can also be used to update the file. Download FREE here:

• After opening the file do a "save-as" and give the file a meaningful name (e.g., JBrownScholarship.pdf or SFFScholarshipForm.pdf). By doing this you have a clean copy of the form, if needed.

• Select the hand tool from the Acrobat toolbar menu. Use the hand tool to move the page around to view other areas.

• For field information on the number of characters and format, hold the cursor over a field. Note that this information doesn't appear if you tab into the field.

• Position the hand pointer inside a form field and click. The I-beam pointer allows you to type text. The arrow pointer allows you to select a field, a check box, a radio button, or an item from a list.

• To accept the field change and go to the next field, press TAB or use your mouse to click on the next form field.

• Most large fields will allow text formatting. To make a word bold, select the word in the form and select "control (cntl) -B" on your keyboard. (Mac: Command or apple-B). To make a word italic, select the word in the form and select "control (cntl) -I" on your keyboard. (Mac: Command or apple-I). To make a word underlined, select the word in the form and select "control (cntl) -U" on your keyboard. (Mac: Command or apple-U).

• After completing the entry in your last box click outside the field and save your document. If a form field is active (e.g., contains the blinking bar) the contents won't print.

• Save your form, then print. If you cannot save your form once its filled-out, we recommend that you print two copies of the filled-out form: One copy to submit and one copy for your personal records.

Note: In order to save a form with your entered data intact, you must purchase additional software - Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (or later) or Adobe Acrobat Approval 5.0. For more information about these products, please click here.

• At this time, all signatures, where required, must be hand written on the form. Signature blocks are not fillable via your keyboard. After printing and signing the form, submit the form following the submission instructions provided in the FACT SHEET. Please be sure to submit all of the items required in the CHECK LIST. Incomplete or unsigned packets will be disqualified.

Application packet must be received by the Fair no later than October 31, 2015.
Please include four (4) copies of the entire packet, except for the High School transcript (1 copy only).

Mail entries to:
Scholarship committee - South Florida Fair
P.O. Box 210367, West Palm Beach, Fl 33421-0367
For SCHOLARSHIP information, please call: (561) 790-5245

For HELP with the PDF file, please call: (561) 790-3688

South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant

The Miss South Florida Fair competition dates all the wayback to the 1950’s. Over the years, the event has provided women the opportunity to win financial assistance as a means of achieving their educational goals. The pageant has also enhanced career opportunities and produced role models representing positive American values. Past winners have promoted goodwill and the spirit of civic volunteerism.
Miss South Florida Fair will have the extra benefit of carrying her crown further. Winner advances to the Miss Florida Pageant to be held in St. Petersburg in the month of July, 2015. There, she will have the opportunity to receive additional scholarship funds and compete for the privilege of representing the Sunshine State in the Miss America Pageant.
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