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Ticket Disclaimer


The code on a Fair admission and/or a ride ticket allows redemption of the item described on this ticket, and it will be scanned for authenticity. Do not make additional copies of this ticket, duplicates will be rejected. Purchase of this ticket by a third party is not authorized and caries a risk of being fraudulent. Event reserves the right to require photo ID for entry. This ticket is a revocable license to fulfill this item. Management may, without refund, revoke this license and refuse admissions or redemption for non-compliance with these terms or for disorderly conduct. Unlawful sale or attempted sale subject tickets to revocation without refund. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be invalid, lost, stolen or counterfeit and so are void. Holder of this ticket acknowledges that there are areas of the Fairgrounds where a video surveillance system has been installed for the purpose of security and Holder consents to being monitored and recorded. Holder of this ticket agrees and consents to all security measures on the Fairgrounds, which may be in effect, including handheld metal detection and bag checks. Holder acknowledges that the use of drones and selfie sticks are prohibited on the Fairgrounds. Holder agrees by use of this ticket, not to transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, picture, or reproduction of any performance, exhibition or event to which this ticket is issued. You voluntarily assume all risks whether occurring prior to, during and after this event. One of those risks is exposure to Covid-19 which may exist in any public place where people are present. Covid-19 is a contagious disease that can lead to illness and death. According to medical studies, senior citizens and persons with underlying medical conditions may have a higher vulnerability to the disease. By attending the South Florida Fair you are voluntarily assuming the risks of possible exposure to Covid-19. You agree to release the South Florida Fair and Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc., its employees, officers, Trustees, Directors, volunteers and agents as well as Safire and their respective affiliates and representatives from responsibility and related claims. You grant unrestricted license to use your image or likeness in photograph or video by the event and its respective agents. No refunds or exchanges. Entry into the Fairgrounds (includes Amphitheatre) constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.
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