Beyond the Fair Program and Graduates
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Beyond the Fair Program and Graduates

The South Florida Fair's Beyond the Fair Program is for young professionals in the South Florida area.

Members have the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” and learn about year-round activities that take place on a year-round basis at the South Florida Fairgrounds. This program will give insight into the production business model behind the special events as well as social networking opportunities with community leaders.

Program activites include:

  • Behind the scenes tour of the iThink Financial Amphitheater
  • Board committee introductions and Yesteryear Village tour
  • Behind the scenes Fright Nights Tour
  • Graduation at the annual South Florida Fair

Class of 2020

Aquannette Thomas Aquannette Thomas
Tanzanika Jones-Howell Tanzanika Jones-Howell
Millie Eyeington Millie Eyeington
Jasmine Govan Jasmine Govan
Kearsten Rintamaki-Wolin Kearsten Rintamaki-Wolin
Braedyn Pruitt Braedyn Pruitt
Rebekah Majava Rebekah Majava

Class of 2021

Alyssa Freeman Alyssa Freeman
Bradley Jackson Bradley Jackson
Charity Lewis Charity Lewis
G. Joseph Garcia G. Joseph Garcia
Katie Spitzig Katie Spitzig
Lauren Johnson Lauren Johnson
Shakearah Rolle Shakearah Rolle
Jessica Clasby Jessica Clasby
Ashley Cacicedo Ashley Cacicedo
Megan Thompson Megan Thompson
Jalynsey Brown Jalynsey Brown
Katie Spitzig Katie Spitzig
Matthew Radentz Matthew Radentz

Class of 2022

Hannah Campbell Hannah Campbell
Omar Hammad Omar Hammad
Zachary Jacobson Zachary Jacobson
Janel Cartlidge Janel Cartlidge
Clarice Redding-Louis Clarice Redding-Louis
Sheila Zayas Sheila Zayas
Tiffani Jordan Tiffani Jordan
Julia Murphy Julia Murphy
Sebastian Yeend Sebastian Yeend
Xavier Govea Xavier Govea
Yinett Florentino Yinett Florentino

Class of 2023

Emmalyn Green Emmalyn Green
Frank Sardinha lll Frank Sardinha lll
Joane Celestin Joane Celestin
Pauline L. Ricketts Pauline L. Ricketts
Takeata King Pang Takeata King Pang
Anthony Gregory Anthony Gregory
Pam Rada Pam Rada
Amanda Cenete Amanda Cenete
Jeffrey Freeman Jeffrey Freeman
Bedonna Flesher Bedonna Flesher
Renee Buxton Renee Buxton
Victor Jones Victor Jones
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