The Legal Nature of the South Florida Fair
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The Legal Nature of the South Florida Fair

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As a Chapter 616, Fla. Stat., "Fair Association," the South Florida Fair has as its primary responsibility and legislative mandate the conducting of a public fair or exposition (§616.001(10), Fla. Stat.)

"Public fair or exposition" is defined as being "…for the purpose of the benefit and development of the educational, agricultural, horticultural, livestock, charitable, historical, civic, cultural, scientific, and other resources of the state, any county or counties of the state…" (§616.001(11), Fla. Stat.)

All money and property of the South Florida Fair is legislatively declared to be "public property" and if the Fair abandons its property, ceases to exist or dissolves its corporate identity, all of its real property and improvements thereon revert to Palm Beach County. (§616.07), (Fla. Stat.)

By law, Palm Beach County is authorized to make contributions of money, property or services to the South Florida Fair. (§616.11, Fla. Stat.) Furthermore, the purposes for which the Fair is organized are deemed essential governmental and public purposes. (§616.19, Fla. Stat.)

For the purposes of the annual fair, the South Florida Fair must obtain an annual permit from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (§616.15, Fla. Stat.) and have a certain number and variety of exhibits in addition to the rides and other amusement attractions. (§616.17, Fla. Sat.)
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