The 2020 South Florida Fair is open and it's a hit!
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SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR PRESENTS "Carnivale" by Cirque Dreams

Guests at this years South Florida Fair will be able to experience for the first time ever a CARNIVALE entertainment show by Cirque Dreams.

This 35-minute production is a heart-pounding, non-stop, colorful explosion of athleticism, acrobatic audacity and festive imagination. Dazzling aerialists suspend from trapeze and hoops transforming into gravity defying feats of disbelief that will leave you on the edge of your seat. A variety of unique objects are juggled and manipulated with precision and flair while skaters spin and propel themselves in superhuman displays of power, strength and agility. Artists flip, tumble and spin mid-air throughout the CARNIVALE experience all accompanied by an original score and live strings performed by a whimsical character violinist.

Audiences will marvel at an array of spectacular costumes and innovation from beginning to end. The international cast of performers are from 5 countries and showcase world-class skills in this CARNIVALE by Cirque Dreams.

Cirque Dreams is a globally recognized entertainment brand that has garnered critical acclaim from USA TODAY, Associated Press and the New York Times to CNN, Today Show and Fox & Friends.

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