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The following information pertains to the 2019 South Florida Fair.
Please check back in the fall for information on the 2020 South Florida Fair and sign up for our email list to receive the latest updates!

Expo East Stage

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Numerous performances, special events and competitions are scheduled every year on the Expo East Stage.
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Zaji Acrobats of China

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Masters of agility and grace comes Zaji Acrobats of China! Chinese acrobatics is an ancient art in China with its beginnings going back 4,000 years to the Xia Dynasty. It grew out of the people’s everyday lives and used instruments of labor and objects of daily use.

At Zaji Acrobats of China you can expect to be dazzled and amazed at our acrobats incredible dexterity and balance all while being transported back in time as these acts are centuries-old, and many of the techniques have been passed from one generation to the next. Filled with color, music, excitement, and nerve-racking stunts, this show is a feast for the senses from beginning to end!

Miss South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant


To become Miss America, a contestant must first win a local competition like the Miss South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant, and then compete to represent her state at the Miss Florida Pageant. It does not cost a cent to compete in the Miss America program.

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The comedy Hypnotist"

Every Day

Tyzen's Comedy Hypnosis Show generates a highly entertaining performance where audience members are transformed into the STARS! He interacts with his volunteers and incorporates a generous dose of standup improv comedy.

Every show is a unique experience for audiences of all ages and especially repeat show attendees. Tyzen is not only a hypnotist, he's a very clever and quick comedian. He has the ability to be diverse and spontaneous which causes a classic hypnotic show to become a ROCK CONCERT without all the loud music!

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Maltz Jupiter Theatre Youth Touring Group

Maltz Jupiter Theatre Youth Touring Group


1:00 PM

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre Youth Touring Company is a select group of students who perform throughout the community in a variety of settings.

More to come...

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