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2021 Culinary Competition

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Got an extraordinary family home recipe you're ready to show the world?
We have 3 divisions you can enter:

Division 1 BAKING:
Which includes Cakes and cupcakes, Cookies and brownies, Breads, rolls and biscuits, Pies and Cheese Cake.
Class 10 will be for items in this division that are sports themed.

Division 2 CANNED FOODS:
Which includes fruits and vegetables, relishes and pickling and Jams, Jellies and marmalades

Division 3 POTLUCK:
Which includes Salads and Soups, Casseroles (all types) vegetables dishes, dips and candy

There will be a Judge’s Choice in all three divisions, and great prizes for the top winners.

Everyone is invited to enter, and participation is FREE!

Judging will be public, for our visitors to enjoy!


Please pre-register below to give us an idea of how much space we will need to display the entries.

Bring your items to Building 3 between 11 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. on the day of the Culinary Competition. Fair gates open at 10 a.m.

Judging starts at 12 noon.

Each item will be judged separately.


2021 Culinary Competition Pre-Registration

Where we can reach you if something changes

Your Entry

Please write a brief description of your entry

Additional Entries

Please write a brief description of your entry
Please write a brief description of your entry
Your personal information and entry description is confidential. We will not share this information with anyone.


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1. All foods will be judged on appearance, texture, taste, and procedure.

2. Recipe MUST accompany entry and MUST include entrant’s name.

3. Canning dates must be on jars.

4. All jars must be regulation canning jars only, using 2 pc. lids. No paraffin or sealing will be permitted. Broken seals will be disqualified.

5. All entries must be entered on disposable plates.

6. Juniors will be judged separately in all categories.

7. Restrictive diet foods will be judged separately in all categories.

8. Judging will be the same day as entries are submitted, and awards will be presented immediately following judging.

9. Judging area will be open to the public.

10. Entries will not be returned at close of judging.

11. Recipes become the property of the South Florida Fair.

NOTE: Please keep in mind when entering we have NO refrigeration.

Please contact Lorie Stinson at (561) 790-5245 or email lorie@southfloridafair.com if you have any questions and/or would like additional information.
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