The South Florida Mini Fair is Open Now through January 31st
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2021 South Florida MINI Fair begins January 15, 2021 and continues for 17 days

News & Updates

Ag Schedule for the South Florida Mini Fair

NOTE: Some shows are not open to the public, or they don't have public access.

Friday, January 15th

1:00 PM - Steer Show & Showmanship
5:00 PM - Hog Show
5:00 PM - Jackpot Beef Show & Showmanship

Saturday, January 16th

9:00 AM - Poultry Judging (No Public Access)
9:00 AM - Youth Livestock Judging- Hogs (No Public Access)
1:00 PM - Youth Livestock Market Auction

(CONT.) Saturday, January 16th

10:00 AM - Youth Livestock Judging Steers

Sunday, January 17

9:00 AM - Small Animal Exhibit- Rabbit & Cavy Judging (No Public Access)
12:00 PM - Poultry Showmanship
2:00 PM - Rabbit & Cavy Showmanship

Monday, January 18

12:00 PM - Open Brangus: Black, Red, and Ultra Black Show

Tuesday, January 19

10:00 AM - Open Limousin Show & Showmanship Followed by Youth Limousin Show (No Public Access)
12:00 PM - AOB Showmanship, Followed by Youth AOB Show and Open AOB Show (No Public Access)

Wednesday, January 20

1:00 PM - Open Angus Show & Showmanship, Followed by Youth Angus Show (No Public Access)

Thursday, January 21

4:00 PM - Lambs Jackpot Show

Friday, January 22

9:00 AM - Dairy Goat Showmanship (No Public Access) Followed by Youth Combined Dairy Goat Show & Poster and Costume Contest (No Public Access)
7:00 PM - Lamb Showmanship, Followed by Lamb Show

Saturday, January 23

9:00 AM - Open Senior Dairy Goat Show (No Public Access) Followed by Open Junior Doe Show
7:00 PM - Jackpot Goat Showmanship, Followed by Jackpot Goat Show

Sunday, January 24

9:30 AM - New Year's Classic ABGA Show Followed by Showmanship and Boer Goat Show ( No Public Access)

Monday, January 25

12:00 PM - Open Grey & Red Brahman Show (No Public Access)

Tuesday, January 26

12:00 PM - Youth Grey & Red Brahman Showmanship (No Public Access)

Wednesday, January 27

Barn Changeover- Visit the Mooternity Area and Sundy Fresh Market

Thursday, January 28

6:00 PM - Dairy Cattle Fitting and Grooming, Followed By Diary Jackpot Show

Friday, January 29

10:00 AM - Dairy Cattle Show (No Public Access)
1:00 PM - Dairy Quiz Bowl (No Public Access)
1:00 PM - Horse Youth judging (No Public Access)
1:00 PM - Horticulture Youth Judging (No Public Access)
6:00 PM - Dairy Showmanship

Saturday, January 30

10:00 AM - Youth Dairy Show
12:00 PM - Small Animal Exhibit- Coop & Habitat Judging

Sunday, January 31

10:00 AM - Open Dairy Show

Show Arena sponsored by:

Farm Credit of Florida



Hog and Market Steer Project (Self ear tagging) important dates:

Starting October 1, 2020, all South Florida Fair market animal project ear tags will be mailed. Exhibitors must complete the online entry to request ear tag(s).

On October 24, 2020, from 8-10 a.m., exhibitors can bring market animal projects to the Fairgrounds for ear tag placement. For the on-site tag-in,

  • Must be able to handle animal(s).
  • Steers must be led into a squeeze chute.
  • For safety and animal health reasons, hogs will only be tagged without personnel entering the inside hog transportation units i.e. trailers, poppers. Exhibitors or helpers must be able to direct the animal to the person tagging from outside the trailer.

For the 2021 South Florida Fair, market animal exhibitors must:

  • By October 26, 2020 upload all required documents or face project disqualification. Exhibitors may combine all required documents into one (1) PDF.
• Entry updates must include ear tag photos upon receipt of the tags.
• Submit required documents including:
- Two (2) photos of the animal project(s) – both sides of animal (show the ear tag and exhibitor in these photos)
- Send an additional photo(s) to meet the requirements.
  • Provide GPA letter verifying 2.0 GPA or higher.
  • Submit the market auction sample Buyer and sample Thank You letters.
  • Provide the market auction Buyer List, containing at least five buyer names and complete addresses.


  • November 7: 9 a.m.-12 noon: Ethics Training at SFF
  • November 21: Cattle barn construction & Mooternity setup
  • December 5: Hog and arena construction
  • December 12: Small animal tents & horse arena
  • January 9: Clean up & finishing work throughout all areas


  • Steers must weigh approximately 750 pounds by the last week of October to meet the 1000-pound minimum at check-in.
  • Hogs must weigh a minimum of 230 pounds (SCALE WEIGHT) and a maximum of 310 pounds at weigh-in on January 14, 2021. Hogs weighing under 230 and over 310 pounds will be disqualified from the show and sale.

For more information, please contact the Fair’s Agricultural Office at 561-795-6419 or Please refer to the Fair’s Official Premium Book for all detailed rules and regulations.


The kick-off edition of the AG ZONE Newsletter was published in June, 2020. Upcoming publish dates for 2020 are: September, November, and January.

To subscribe free of charge, email with the subject line: Ag Newsletter.

Stayed tuned and watch your inbox for upcoming editions, or check this page often.



Show sticks, brushes, buckets, shampoos, whips, pump sprayers and tag holders aren’t the only tools of the trade you need to be successful with your youth market project.
It takes:

  • marketing
  • promoting, and
  • believing in yourself...that you have what it takes to be successful at selling your finished product at the South Florida Fair!


Tune in for 30 minutes at 7 p.m. October 6, 13 and 20 via Zoom to STOCK your showbox with helpful tips and tools to successfully market your animal.
  • Learn how to BRUSH up on your sales pitch
  • Learn how to GROOM yourself to be a successful salesperson
  • Learn how to FEED the correct information about your market project
  • Learn how to CHAMPION your visions and values
Pre-registration is required. We recommend you attend all 3 meetings. Register in advance below:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meetings.

#2- Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
At 7:00 PM Eastern Time

Register in advance for this meeting:

#3- Tuesday, October 20th, 2020
At 7:00 PM Eastern Time

Register in advance for this meeting:
Questions? Contact the offices at (561) 795-6419 or email


Everglades Equipment Group
Farm Credit of Florida
Florida Coast Equipment
Glade & Grove Supply


DUE June 30, 2020

The Youth Pullet Project engages youth in learning life skills while having fun raising chickens!

Registration for this project includes:
  • 5 Delaware Pullet chicks (approximately 1 - 2 weeks old) and a 5 pound bag of Chick Starter
  • 2020 South Florida Fair Pullet Project Poultry Show and Auction. Auction is optional, and must be declared by check-in.
  • Expectations and Requirements of Participants:
  • Quality care of pullets (safe from bad weather, pets, predators, etc.)
  • Participation in the South Florida Fair Pullet Project Poultry Show. (MUST show 3 pullets)
  • Completion of Pullet Project record book. Record books are due at check in.
  • 5 Buyer Letters (with 2 new buyers) to be mailed out by December and a copy included at check-in with the record book. Please include a sample Buyer Thank You Letter if participating in the auction. You must note at check-in if you are participating in the Auction. A 5 percent deduction will be taken from total sale price for auction expenses.
Questions? Call Tracy Hamlin at (561) 790-5229, or email

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