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SoulFam Collective

Date: Jan 18, 2021
Soulfam, an artist collective based in West Palm Beach, FL, was founded by Matt Brown, Dakota Dawkins and Priya D'Amico (PRD) in May of 2018. The three individuals found common ground in their belief in the power of music and the energies that flow from the vibrations they put out. They, and other friends, would find themselves at the same open mics and jam sessions on a weekly basis spreading music with the same message of positivity and love.
It didn't take long for them to start scheduling their own jams.

Since May of 2018, the collective has grown to more than 50 artists and has been hosting weekly open mics and putting on larger events to provide a space for artists of all types to express themselves.

Some of the amazing Soulfam friends & family include Josh Miles, Cleo J'Adore, Allegra Miles, Fabe Luciano, Young Autha, Sierra Lane, Donnell McCant, Like Harvey, Buddy Jackson, Johan Danno, Balatovis, Justin Shapiro and many more.
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