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Garden Bros Circus

Date: Nov 19 - Nov 22, 2020

The Most Epic Circus On Earth!

GARDEN BROS CIRCUS celebrates 100 years of entertaining families throughout North America and “we’ve pulled out all the stops!”

This year’s production is packed with special effects, concert style lighting, and 3 RINGS bursting with excitement, laughter, and memories that families will cherish.We have brought the very best performers from 18 countries making up a cast of over 60 performers. GARDEN BROS CIRCUS presents a fast-paced 90-minute show in a Theatrical European 3 ring setting featuring the Human Pyramid, daring aerial, Motorcycles in the Sphere of Fear, the Crazy Cossack Horse Riders, comedy, and much more.

Its 1½ hours of excitement and fun at GARDEN BROS CIRCUS.

Admission Information: First one hundred adult tickets sold online are only $14.50.

Free Kid Tickets are also available at

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