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Date: Feb 02, 2020
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Juventino was born in Cuba, where there is a wide range of musical styles, since he was a child he showed a great interest in art, it was no accident, he grew up in a family full of gifts, his father was a musician, his mother singer, his instrumentalist brothers and his uncle painter. Although he was born in Sancti SpĆ­ritus, a tourist city located in the central area of the island, with just 17 years old he decided to realize his dream, he moved to the capital to study musical shows, he was predestined to be an artist, since he was 5 years old he set foot on stage

Although he was a high performance athlete, his love for art prevailed, he trained as a professional dancer and entered the Cuban Television Ballet, an opportunity that allowed him to visit many countries, including Aruba, where he discovered that he also had talent as a singer. What began as a simple test in the show Lets go in Latin, became 2 years of presentations as a dancer and performer. Later, the Leidys Salsa space led him to show his vocal quality and his incredible staging in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

With his participation in the Charanga Habanera, one of the most recognized salsa bands on the island, Juventino began to savor the honeys of success, in the middle of a musical tour he decides to settle in Miami, where life changes him when he is selected to participate in Mira who Baila, one of the reality show with the most Univision audience.

The public's acceptance was incredible, his charisma and sensuality on stage allowed him to gain a place in the heart of Hispanic viewers. Accompanied as a first dancer to his countryman Niurka Marcos, the result was so overwhelming that they achieved first place. In 2014 he participated in the Love to Test space, broadcast by Mega Chile, this was the ideal opportunity to show his versatility, Juventino became known as an actor, musician, dancer and singer, before one of the most demanding audiences in South America.

In 2017 he returns to UnivisiĆ³n, as the main dancer of the Jumanji show. A year later he launched his first solo song: Loving you hurts me, with great acceptance from his followers. Currently, Juventino opens its new single pal carajo and is already preparing to start the media tour in Miami, New York and Los Angeles in 2020.

Juventino is an integral, versatile, sensitive and creative artist. In his spare time he dedicates himself to another of his passions, drawing, thanks to his talent he has come to exhibit his works at the Center for Art and Culture, in Downtown Hollywood. For this young Cuban there are no limits, he has found a way of life in art.

Text and photo courtesy of maximoproductionsusa

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Date & Time

Feb 02, 2020 | 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
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