Hall of Fame
In 2004, the South Florida Fair Board of Trustees initiated a means of honoring individuals who have greatly contributed to the South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc.* They did so by creating a Hall of Fame area in the breezeway between the two Expo buildings and by inducting new recipients at Fairtime.

In 2008, the Board decided to begin a program recognizing outstanding volunteers. These individuals are listed on a Honored Volunteers Plaque located in the Hall of Fame area as well.

When visiting the Expo Hall please be sure to stop and visit the South Florida Fair Hall of Fame.

Recipients are:

G. Bernie Bensel
George Bensel
Vincent Louis Burkhardt
H. E. “Bud” Freer
Ross Kniffen
Lake Lytal
W. A. Boutwell
Buck Christian
Virginia & Lenny Goetz
Robert Paul Levinson
Lamar Allen
Richard “Dick” Cate
Darline McGehe
Dennis Lee
John Stetson
Fred Yount
Irvin & Evelyn Deggeller
William E. Bowman, Jr.
Diane Bratcher
Henry & Maryann McKenzie
Lee Salmon
Dottie Wright
Ann Holt
Janet and Burney Riblett
Walter Webb

  *The South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions recognizes individuals who provided outstanding leadership to the organization, over an extended period of time, either as a volunteer, participant or staff member, or assisted the organization with bringing to reality some new facility, program or concept that dramatically affected the impact of the organization, or provided sustained, financial assistance, either through financial contributions or by providing complimentary, professional services that were essential to the successful conduct of the organization’s affairs, or contributed some distinguishing accomplishment that is not covered above, that the Hall of Fame Committee feels is deserving of induction into the Hall of Fame.