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January 20, 2014

Miss America qualified judges will select a winner among 19 talented
young ladies, who will compete at the Miss Florida Pageant to represent the State. 
January 20 at 4:00 pm

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  Miss South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant
2014 Miss South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant Sponsors


January 18 - February 3



Catherine Hickland - Celebrity Hypnotist
One of the very few females in the field of hypnotism, this Las Vegas Trained Hypnotist has hypnotized FOX news reporters and hosts across the country.
THE HYPNOTIST, was an off-Broadway hit at the New World Stages in New York City. It's fast paced, hilariously entertaining, and best of all, clean. In other words, you can bring your mother without worrying if she will have a heart attack or writing you out of the will (even if you wind up getting up on stage!)
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January 19


Blue Ribbon Experience Awards

A Growums First Place Blue Ribbon will be awarded in each seed category, for a total of 4 First Place winners.

As a result of our relationship with the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), Growums has partnered with state and county fairs across the country to introduce the Blue Ribbon Program to area schools and students. After participating in a Growums Fundraiser at school, every qualifying student will gain FREE entry to the Fair and will be given a special seed packet, by Growums, to germinate months before the Fair. Students will bring their fully matured plants to the Fair on a specified date when the competition begins between other students and area schools. Every student will receive a Blue Ribbon for his/her growing efforts and four student finalists will win a Growums 1st Place Ribbon. The Blue Ribbon event will be scheduled during non-school hours.

Sunday, January 19
11:00 am
Expo East stage
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January 25




The King's Academy Theater Company is proud to announce its 2014 spring musical, The Phantom of the Opera! Here's a taste of the great music that will grace the King's stage next year!

The King's Academy, a leader of private Christian schools in Palm Beach county, has an award-winning high school fine arts program led by Mr. Eric Dunn (Band), Mr. David Snyder (Musical Theater), Mrs. Sonia Santiago (Vocal Arts), Mrs. Cari Kendall (Dance), Mrs. Kimberlee Aliapoulios (Band), Mr. Andy Camizzi (Art).

Saturday, January 25
7:00 pm
Expo East stage
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  King's Academy Performing Arts presents

January 27 - February 2


It is experience that counts and the Divas have it!  They have opened up for Melissa Ethridge, Kansas, Def Leppard, and most recently Joan Rivers in Las Vegas! They have performed live with Cathy Rigby as well as performing live on NBCs, America’s Got Talent in Hollywood, CA!
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  Divas On Broadway

January 26


We all know about those girl scout cookies so what better way than to have a cookie eating contest. Various local celebrities will join in the fun and participate in the contest along with Fair Directors and Volunteers.

January 26 at 11:00am

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Girls Scout Cookie Eating Contest

  Girl Scout Cookie Eating Contest at the South Florida Fair


February 1

Performed by the cast of LOUD

t's a normal day at Loud Motors Auto Shop with cars lined up to be serviced. When Mr. Sal - the shop's hard nose, no-nonsense owner - calls off for the day, the usually smooth-running and quiet operation turns into the biggest and LOUDest party scene this side of the Dixie. 
Join in the fun and watch as nine mechanics enjoy a day without the boss, filled with live music, dance, art and shenanigans! Will the day's workload get done? Will Loud Motors be in tact upon Mr. Nelson's return? There's no telling what's in store, but one thing is for's going to be a LOUD good time.

Saturday, February 1 - 5:00 pm & 7:30 pm

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  THE SHOP performed by the cast of LOUD

February 1


Bring your baby and stroll the stage for a chance to win the Baby Beautiful trophy! There are multiple categories in this fun-filled contest. Who knows? It could be the beginning to something special!
February 1 at 11:00 am
Registrations starts at 10 am

FREE with Fair admission

  Baby Beautiful Contest at the South Florida Fair

February 1


You will think you are seeing double when "Twins of All Ages" take the stage! All twins are invited to compete in this fun and entertaining contest. Triplets are welcome too!!!
February 1 at 1:00 pm
Registrations starts following the Baby Beautiful Contest

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  Twins Contest at the South Florida Fair